Black Tutu

During this act I grow up as a woman. This is the expression of the evolution of feminity.

I’m starting on stage as a demon, a dark creature who step by step become an angel. This is the story of the evolution from darkness to light. I mix ballet dance and sensual dance to create  a unique choreography.

 The show lasts approximately 6 mn 

Blue Ballerina

 The blue ballerina show is a twist show.

Based on néo-burlesque technic I start my show as a ballet dancer in a big blue costume where I take off in the middle when I decided to want to be a stripper (so much fun to be a stripper) .

 The second part of the show is a tease where I rebel against my old life. The tease is fun and a little bit "what the fuck" with all the caricatural movements on the music “I’m sexy and I know it”( LMFAO).

 The goal in this show is to create the surprise, laughs and passion for all people who looking it.

 The show lasts approximately 5 mn 

Jessica Rabbit

 The Jessica rabbit’s show its a classic of burlesque.

 The goal its to tease the audience on playback on the Jessica rabbit’s song from the movie « Who framed roger rabbit ». I make participate the audience a lot exactly like the character on the movie. I the stereotype of the fatal woman with the good acting.

 Then the music change and I continue to tease the audience with a really sexy strip tease. The power of this show is the quality of All the costume which are shinning and sparkling.

 Show lasts approximatively 7 mn

Flower Show

 Its a very classical show based on the respect of classic burlesque.

 I use a royal French music for the first part of the show then I swap on feather fan dance and tease.

 The particularity of this show is the costume. I have create a really big burlesque costume romantique and modern in a same time. I also introduce a surprise in this show.


 The show lasts 7 mn.

Rock' n Burlesque

 Its a very modern act which mix of tree rock classical movies ( pulp fiction, grease and flashdance).

 The goal is to tease the audience with an evolution in the show. I use the most famous act of the tree movies and I become increasingly a bad and naughty girl. It’s a really funny and sexy show where the dance is one of the most important part of the show. The goal is that the audience recognize the music and feel exciting.

 Tease, fun and rock’n roll baby!!

 The show lasts around 7 mn.

French Can-Can

This show is based on the Traditional French Can-Can routine with the famous drunk lady.

Expect a lot of fun , noise and crazy audience ineractions. The perfect mix between acting and impressive dance mouvements.

 The show lasts around 5 mn.